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3GPP LTE(4G) UE Protocol Stack, Physical Layer Development


MIMOWAVES's 4G LTE Physical Layer,LTE ue Protocol Stack is the best UE available in the market and based on the real time Multicore DSP and FPGA target platform,the UE offers Wireless Protocol Stack Development - full 3GPP functionality in a optimised and flexible IP core, suitable for R&D,Organization they want to cut their development effort and UE manufacturers looking for LTE solution development .

4g LTE is a general-purpose C-code and VHDL code and it is a highly efficient means of conveying both data and control information between an enhanced base station (eNodeB) and mobile user equipment(UE).


LTE Modules

  • Slot/Frame synchronization
  • Cell Search
  • Channel Estimator
  • Broadcast Channel Detection
  • Random Access Procedure
  • Physical Layer measurements (RSRP,RSRQ etc.)
  • Power Control
  • Downlink Channel Detection and decoding
  • * PDCCH Detection and decoding
  • * Data Channel decoding
  • UL Reference Signal Generation
  • Uplink Transport Channel Procedures
  • * Channel Coding
  • * Rate Matching
  • * Code Block Segmentation
  • Uplink Physical Channel Procedures
  • * Scrambling
  • * Modulation
  • * Transform Precoding and mapping
  • Interface with upper layer stack


    • Video Conferencing/ Telephony
    • Mobile TV
    • Video on demand
    • Social networking
    • M-commerce
    • Broadband applications
  • Air Interface Standards for PHY layer : 36.101, 36.211, 36.212, 36.213
  • Complete physical and transport channel processing
  • Supports scalable channel bandwidth up to 20 MHz
  • DL Modulation QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM
  • UL Modulation QPSK, 16 QAM
  • Support for DL and UL adaptive modulation and coding
  • Facilitates duplexing scheme FDD
  • Supports scalable channel bandwidth up to 20 MHz
  • Supports OFDMA in DL and SC-FDMA in UL
lte development
  LTE Physical Layer,LTE UE Stack